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the luckiest ex-demon in the world

Well, that was certainly awkward. Considering that I usually don't have much of a sense of awkwardness, it was probably very very awkward. I think that Andrew and I showed up at Dawn's house a touch at the wrong time. I think she's having a thing with Mike! How incredibly adorable! I have to ask him about it, soon.

After Andrew and I scooted off on his... scooter, he dropped me off at my house and he went home. I was sad he had to go home, but apparently his parents were semi-worried about him when he stayed over my house a few nights ago. It was sad because we have very amazing sex! Oh well.

I wonder how the other "scoobies" are doing. Ever since Xander and I split up, I don't seem to really keep in contact with them. I don't think they enjoy my company anymore, and besides they're all upset because Buffy died or something. I mean, sure it's upsetting and whatnot, but I think she did it for the greater good. Or something.

I have to get ready for tonight, 'cause Andrew's taking me out on another date. He's so absolutely perfect! His cute little moments and the way he is so incredibly innocent about many various things. It's so great. I'm so lucky!
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