Willow Rosenberg (x_porthos_x) wrote in skitzosunnydale,
Willow Rosenberg

spending the night with Tara

The rest of the evening with Tara was absolutely magickally. She filled it with so much love and tenderness that I will never forget it. My happiness was in her, with ever star that shines and every sun beam that caresses her hair.

But in the morning, while I laid in her arms... my thoughts were on Buffy. I wish I could have said goodbye to her. Something to let her know how much I loved her as a best friend. I was thankful to have my girlfriend back but I did loose that other important person in my life. No matter how many kind words.. I would always have a void in my heart with Buffy.

I got up early and go Tara her favorite breakfast which is Blueberry muffins and raspberry jam. I also made sure there was orange juice and skim milk as I waited her to take her shower.
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